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How To Reach and Teach Kids with the Arts
Workshops & Lectures

In 1981, Children's Resource Center began their work with children who are now known to be on The Autism Spectrum. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona CRC was considered a pioneer in the use of music, art and puppetry in helping children reduce perseveration, improve verbal, fine motor and social skills and increase eye contact.  The idea of balancing body, mind and soul with creative arts was thought to be revolutionary and impossible.  Time has proven the skeptics wrong and children's artwork is dramatic proof of the merit of the program developed by the founder of CRC, Janet Tubbs, long before the arts became popular therapies.
In 2003, CRC moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to continue working with children, parents, teachers and therapists to help them better understand the nature of children with the neurological disorders of Autism, ADD, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome.
Workshops and lectures at state, national and international conferences for over 20 years have been the source of inspirational knowledge to parents who have discovered that they can play a major role in their child's development.
Now, in 2006, Children's Resource Center is revealing the true cause of Autism when speaking to groups and organizations.  Based on a book by Janet Tubbs to be published in the fall of 2006, this explosive explanation is the only logical one that makes sense.  Since Janet began her work in Arizona, the controversy about causal factors has continued without abating and we are no closer to an answer -- until now. 
Schedule a program in your area and learn exactly why there are so many children with Autism, ADD and Asperger's.  Add the other group of brilliant children known as Indigo and Rainbow and there are millions of children who are "new" and "different."  Learn why in this dynamic presentation. 
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Janet Tubbs' book, Creative Therapies for Children with Autism, ADD and Asperger's, will be avaiilable after January 1, 2007 from SquareOne Publishers, online, in book stores and libraries.