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How To Reach and Teach Kids with the Arts
How To Reach and Teach Kids with the Arts
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Integration of the Three-Fold Child

With all the impressive advances in health care, we usually know how to treat the body and we're learning how to treat the mind. But we have a long way to go before we accept the reality of the soul and how to communicate with this spiritual aspect of the three-fold child.

Until that time comes, many illnesses will never truly be overcome. Children on The Autism Spectrum undoubtedly improve with various therapies available today but aren't given the opportunity to strive for their greatest potential unless the body, mind and soul is seen as a totality.

Today (2005) there are many breakthroughs in treating neurological disorders found on the spectrum but the true integrative approach is generally lacking. Children's spiritual nature is very strong in their lives. They haven't yet been influenced by everything in the physical world that emphasizes materialism over spirituality. For this reason it's important to provide creative and Remedial Therapies at an early age when their soul responds to truth, beauty and goodness.

The big "but" here is that parents, therapists and physicians must understand and believe the holistic nature of each person: the body/mind/soul connection. Although all therapy is remedial in that some positive changes take place. Remedial Therapists have knowledge of the importance of communicating with a child's inner nature and have the tools to do this. This specialized education and training is basically for relatively few therapists, however after using many of the same techniques for over twenty years with a high rate of success, three things are abundantly clear: traditional therapies don't work with non-traditional children. Something has to change.

Therapists need to integrate the techniques and knowledge of Remedial Therapy with conventional therapies for optimum results.

Parents must be informed that they can do almost all of the suggested therapies in their home. This pro-active participation includes both parents, siblings and the extended family of relatives who all feel they're a part of the healing process.

Parents: This web site provides information about the hidden or subtle effects of certain therapies your child may be receiving and how they can be enhanced by educating yourselves about the dynamic three-fold nature of all human beings.

Why are there so many cases of children on The Autism Spectrum? Perhaps it's to show us the complexities of the mind, the truth of the spirit and the resilience of the body. But most of all, it's to graphically point out the new children that are being born as a part of natural evolution. There's no question that children on the Spectrum are different. Their brains are different, their bodies are more sensitive and their souls are more roused by the arts and science than previous generations.

How else do we evolve other than being changed? There's no growth without change and it appears that there's a surge of growth in this time of our civilization. Change is good. Different is good. Kids are changing and now it's up to parents, teachers, therapists and medical professionals to keep up with the changes