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Autism is an epidemic of global proportions. This neurological disorder, and others on The Autism Spectrum including Asperger's Syndrome (AS) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) knows no social, financial, racial or gender limits. The Autism Spectrum affects boys and girls and their families worldwide and because of this, there must be a cause beyond our comprehension, one that clearly isn't confined to one's position in life.

Autism was a little known disorder until relatively recently. Asperger's Syndrome is now at the stage that Autism was 20 or 25 years ago when people were becoming aware that the unusual behavior of their children had a name: Autism. Now that doctors know what to look for, they have determined that Autism can be diagnosed as early as one year of age.

Asperger's still has a way to go because most kids with AS aren't diagnosed until they're six or seven years old. It's at this age that teachers often are the first to notice inappropriate behavior and although they may not recognize it as AS, they know that something is wrong and suggest that the child be seen by a doctor. All too often, as with ADD, children with Asperger's are prescribed Ritalin or a similar drug to make them normal or like every other child. The problem is, kids on the Spectrum aren't like every other child. They're unusually intelligent, observant and perceptive and who's to say that in 20 years they won't be the normal children against whom others are judged?

Traditional therapy doesn't work with untraditional children. Addressing only the body or only the mind leaves out the spiritual nature of children without which there is no holistic individuality.

The body/mind/soul connection must be balanced for optimum growth and is key to helping children grow safely into a healthy life.